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Game description PIERRE HOTEL GAME

This game is named Pierre Hotel Game and it can be found in the Hotel Games Category, right here at http://www.g9y9.com/hotel-games.html where you can find tens of cool hotel games online with old and new hotels, 3D and 2D ones and even hidden hotel rooms games and more. In this fun little game, you get to play with a man whose wife goes missing in a weird hotel, after she was sent there by her boss. The game is the creation of the collaboration between Mouse City and Carmel Games and in it, your mission is to help the man find his wife before it's too late. He must go through the whole hotel and find clues, open doors and search for his wife without getting himself in trouble. Using the mouse, you can go from room to room and gather items that will later help you in your adventure. Try out this fun hidden clues game and enjoy the story and mystery that lies beneath the surface. In the same game category, you can also find hotel management games and escape games and many other fun ones which will keep you busy playing for quite a while.


Use the mouse to play this fun game and find the wife before it's too late.

This game was added on 10.09.2014 | Was played by 1446 times

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