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Game description EDGE OF TOMORROW

Part of Unity 3D Games Category is this fun new game brought to you by Warner Bros Entertainment Group. This game is called Edge of Tomorrow and it is an exciting new game in which you are part of a commando elite team and you've just receive the mission of finding various lost objects lost on the battlefield while using various weapons. In this game, you can choose to play as William Cage or as Rita Vrataski PR specialist. After choosing your character, you will need to go through the battlefield and shooting while destroying monsters, in order to find the objective. You canmove your characetr by using the WASD keys and with the mouse you can look around and shoot at the incoming monsters. You can circle through the weapons using the E key and reload them by using the T key. Try out this fun little game and enjoy the stunning graphics, great gameplay and interesting story, all available for free and online. These Unity 3D games are free to play for kids of all ages, and in the same game category, you can find fun unity 3D games online with racing, multiplayer, shooting and more. Enjoy the all and have fun while enjoying the stunning graphics and cool story.


Use the keyboard and mouse as instructed above.

This game was added on 17.09.2014 | Was played by 1569 times

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