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Game description HEAPZOMBIE

HeapZombie is another game pertaining to the Unity 3D Games Category where you and your friends can play numerous Unity 3D games online with racing, shooting, running and more, all available online and free. You can even play Unity 3D games online single player and multiplayer and you can enjoy great quality graphics and a smooth gameplay. This game was created by NPC-Games LLC especially for A10.com and it is a cool multiplayer shooting game. In this game, you can gather your friends and play together or you can play with various other players from all over. The game is fairly easy to play, you have to write down a nickname that you want to use and choose a map between the three called BclackStorm, Stronghold and Firepoint and enter it. In the game, you move simply by using the WASD keys and in order to aim and fire you use the mouse. You will also receive various weapons which will spawn in certain places and you must be the first to get them, weapons such as fire shooters, triple bullets shot, ad other which will be consumed as you use them. Try out this fun new shooting game alone or together with your friends and destroy the zombies in the game.


Use the keyboard and the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 18.09.2014 | Was played by 1196 times

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