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Game description OFFICE GIRL DRESS UP

Annie has been working at an office for the last couple of months and she is really looking forward to her first office party. The Office usually has a party once every three months to let the employs socialize in a friendly environment. Team building is very important for a companies success and the office party is a great way for the employees to get to know each other a little better. Annie can finally get out of her formal clothes and dress in something that represents her better. She is a young and stylish girl that is passionate about fashion and the newest trend. She wants to make a great impression but she needs a little help from you girls. Dress up Annie in a new and tasteful outfit fit for an office party. She wants to look beautiful so do your best to make that happen. Try on different dresses and clothes on her and match them up the best way you can to make her look gorgeous. She has has a crush on the IT guy for a while and wants him to notice her. Play one of the best office girl games and prove you know a little something about office fashion games. Have fun!


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This game was added on 06.01.2014 | Was played by 1421 times

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