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Game description ZOMBINSANITY

Zombiensanity is a new game created by the collaboration between Armor Games, Jay Armstrong Games and Art by Jimp which can be played in the Unity 3D Games Category where you and your friends can play numerous other Unity 3D cars and online racing games, shooting games, zombie games and more, all available for free right here at http://www.g9y9.com/unity-3d-games.html where great graphics and smooth gameplay is a given. In this fun new game, you get to play far in the future in the year 2075 where you are awakened in a space station from your cryogenic sleep by the station, in order to be able to defend it from the outbreak of zombie invasion that is taking place. Barely awakened from your sleep, you need to make your way through the space station by using the WAD keys to move, and the space bar to interact with various items and machinery. Using the mouse, you can aim and shoot at the incoming zombies in order to defend yourself. Keep the space station intact by destroying the waves of zombies and repairing the damage they did. Try out this cool zombie game and enjoy the many other available ones, all online and free.


Use the keyboard and mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 18.09.2014 | Was played by 844 times

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