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Game description DRAGONS WILD SKIES 3D

Dragons Wild Skies 3D is one of the best games inspired by the animated movie called How to Train your Dragon. This cool game can be played in the Unity 3D Games Category and it is a fun new game where you can pick a character and join the ranks of some of the most valuable and famous dragon trainers. In this game, you have to use your keyboard in order to train new dragons, fly on them, run through the village, and many other things. In the game, you play a young trainer who want to gather as many dragons as possible and become a real dragon trainer. In order to do so, he must meet and tame various scary dragons, go through the village and get a better armor and even buy and feed food to the dragons. This game is a cool adventure game online created by using Unity 3D. The game can be played whenever you want to and if you liked this one, you should also try the other unity 3D games online with cars and racing among other things. You can also look through the Dragon Riders Games Category where there are other fun games inspired by the movie.


Use the keyboard to play this game and right click and choose the full screen for better gameplay.

This game was added on 18.09.2014 | Was played by 1486 times

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