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Have you ever misplaced you horse? It happens very often especially if you have a lot of them and can get quite frustrating at times. Well this is one of those horse games that will test your patience and attention to detail in way a game has never done before. If you enjoy playing skill games you will also enjoy playing games with Tina. Tina and Frank run a horse and are often put in the position where they can't find the right horse. Today it's vaccination day for the horses and they need to find each and every one of them according to their certificate picture. It may seem and easy task but I assure you that it's not that way at all. You have to prove that you have a sharp eye if you want to pass every level successfully. Take a good look at the picture and then try to find the specific horse in the stables. Remember that you are on the clock so you must thing quick and act quick to earn some extra points. Help Tina and Frank get through this task and make sure they find each horse they are looking for. Good luck!


Use the mouse to click on the horses

This game was added on 07.01.2014 | Was played by 1679 times

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