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Game description STREETS OF GOTHAM

Unity 3D games from the DC comics Universe are the best 3d games that a comic book fan can play. If you are a fan of the Batman saga you are going to love playing through this fun game online with Batman and Robin. Welcome to Gotham city! The city is beautiful by day but it can get really messy by night because the crime rate is really high and you need to stop it as best as you can. Enjoy playing as batman as the cape crusader in this fun adventure and do your best to put down all your enemies that are attacking or doing wrong around town. They are lead by The Joker and you will have to do your best to get to him and put him to jail. You can practice different types of fighting techniques and different types of weapons to do your job as best as you can. Play through different levels of gotham streets and try to get all the bonus items and batman signs because these will give you more points that you can use to buy a Batmobile and other fun stuff that you can use in your fight against crime.


Use the keyboard to play this game

This game was added on 17.09.2014 | Was played by 1135 times

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