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Game description ANGRY BIRDS BUBBLE

Are you ready for a bubbly adventure with the angry birds? Angry Birds Bubble is one of the best angry birds games you can play online and if you enjoy bubble games you will surely enjoy this one too. The gameplay is similar to the popular diamond games and all you have to do is shoot angry birds at each other and form groups of the same type of birds. Once you form groups of 3 or more birds they vanish and you are rewarded with points. The games starts off easy at first but it can get quite tricky at some parts. Start off by reading the rules and choosing the right difficulty level according to your skill and continue by earning some points. The goal of the game is to form as many groups of birds you can an make them all vanish until you have a clear game screen. The game gets difficult because the game screen keep coming down towards your launched and once it hit the bottom it's game over. You need to prove your patience and determination as you progress further in the game and you need a great attention to detail if you want to get a high score.


Use the mouse to aim and launch the birds

This game was added on 07.01.2014 | Was played by 1517 times

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