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It was a nice and quiet day in Springfield until the Nuclear Reactor had another meltdown. It seems that someone in sector 7G was eating doughnuts instead of paying attention to the control panel screen. As most of you Simpsons expect, it's probably Homer Simpsons again. Well this time he really screwed up badly so Mister Burns had to fire him again. As we know that every time he gets fired he quickly find a new job to support his family. Well this time he got a job parking cars at a luxurious hotel. Simpsons games are a treat for every fan of the popular cartoon sitcom and car parking games can also be enjoyed by everyone. This is probably one of the best free car games any fan of show can play. Marge was not pleased with Homer loosing his job and she has a bad feeling about him parking other people's cars. He is not a very good driver so he needs some guidance from you to get the job done. Carefully drive the car to the designated spot and park it perfectly. Be careful and don't hit anything along the way. Drive carefully and park every car to pass to the next level.


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This game was added on 07.01.2014 | Was played by 1755 times

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