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Game description TOXIE RADD CHAINSAW

Toxie Radd in the hero in the newest chainsaw games online and today you get to join him on a series of fun adventures through the zombie infested levels. The zombie apocalypse has begun and it seems like there is nobody that can save the world. Nobody but Toxie Radd of course! He is a legendary hard man that works at a bar near the city and he is determined to save the world from all the evil zombies as soon as he can. To do this he is going to need some weapons. He never leaves his home without his chainsaw so make sure you pick out a great looking one for him so that he may kill off all the invading zombies. There are different types of game modes you can play through so pick one that suits you skill and needs and start having some fun. You can play through the story mode in episodes sequences or you can try out the survival mode where all that matters is how much time you can survive the zombies. You earn more points the longer you survive so do your best to stay alive as much as possible with Toxie.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 12.09.2014 | Was played by 979 times

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