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Game description FLASH STRIKE

We invite you to play the Flash Strike game and have fun trying to kill as many terrorists as you can. See how good are your shooting skills with this interesting game and make a high score. This game is posted in the counter strike games category and we invite you to try the other counter strike games online and the flash strike games that you will find in this category. Share this game with your friends and play it together to have even more fun and to see which one of you has the best shooting skills. In this game you will fight against organized crime and you will have to shoot all the terrorists that you see because otherwise they will kill you. Have fun playing this game and try to kill as many terrorists as you can so you will unlock the next levels. Move fast and aim perfect to kill them from the first shot. As you progress there will be more and more terrorists to kill and you will have to get better and better at aiming if you want to win this game. Come back tomorrow and play more new and interesting games on g9y9.com.


Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

This game was added on 16.09.2014 | Was played by 1091 times

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