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Counter Strike games for you and your friends right here in the Counter Strike Games Category. This fun little game is actually called Counter Strike Force and it was created by Quick Wars which you can find at the web address. This game can be played right here alongside many other Counter Strike PC games in the Counter Strike Games Category right here at where all games are free and online. This cool shooting game inspired by Counter Strike is one that can keep you playing for quite a while. Your mission in this game is to hit as many targets as you can, either in the head or in the chest. You have a total of 60 seconds to hit as many and as accurate as you can and you can choose between playing with a pistol, riffle or both. You can always pause the game by pressing the P key, to swap between the pistol and the riffle you can use the spacebar and to reload your weapon you must press the R key. To shoot press the left mouse button and just have fun while trying do get the best score.


Use the mouse and the keyboard as described above.

This game was added on 26.08.2014 | Was played by 1883 times

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