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Game description MULAN IN LABIRINT

Get ready to play one of the best Mulan games on and get into the labirint! Mulan has been trapped inside a labirint by the evil emperor so she can't participate in the great war battle on the Dragon Hill so she needs your help to get out as fast as possible and get there on time. To get out of the labirint you will need to think up of the fastest route so do your best to come up with the best strategy and the best way of getting out. The hard part is that along the way you will meet up with different types of enemies that will try to stop you from getting there so you will have to defeat them as fast as possible. You will also encounter different obstacles so do your best to get over all of them in record time and get home on time. Play through all the fun levels of the game and make sure that Mulan escapes the labirint before it's too late. Enjoy the latest and best disney games online and do your best to win all the points in all of the levels. Enjoy and have fun!


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This game was added on 26.08.2014 | Was played by 1340 times

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