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Game description MONKEY DRESSUP

Everybody has pets. Some got big ones and other prefer small tiny cute animals. One of the cute tiny creatures are monkeys. They are really sweet and they need a lot of love and affection and they will be your best friends for the rest of your life. A monkey is similar to a dog, you need to bathe it, feed it , take it out for walks and play the whole day long with it. Nothing more lovely than that to do all day long. If you want to play with a wonderful monkey then check out now our new free fun fashion animal online game Monkey Dressup. The poor monkey was left alone and its now scared and needs lots of attention and affection. You can give that to him by playing with him and dressing up it really good. You have in his wardrobe some pretty cool clothing items and accessories which you can mix and match between them so that you will obtain different outfits for the cute little scared monkey. How fun can this game be? You can only find out if you enter now our newest game! Have fun while playing and thank you for selecting our game!


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 07.01.2014 | Was played by 1816 times

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