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Game description PARK THE BIKE

Bycicle games are the best way of spending your spare time so let's get on a bike and have some fun! Parking bikes is just as fun as riding them through the park and you will soon find the joy of parking in this great and new fun game. The parking lot is really crowded and someone needs to park all the bikes before the time runs out. Parking a bike though it is fun is not very easy because you need to get the bike in the right place before the time runs out. You need to park the bike in the right place so guide it carefully through all the obstacles and get it in the parking spot. Enjoy playing the newest and best bike games online and try parking all the bikes before it's too late. Play the game with all of your friends and try your best to get all the bikes in the right place. Remember that you are on the clock so you need to move carefully and precise to do a good job. Park all the bikes in all the parking spots and enjoy riding all the fun bicycles through all the levels.


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This game was added on 29.08.2014 | Was played by 1635 times

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