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Game description JERRY BMX RUSH

Bicycle racing games online for kids ca be found in the Bicycle Games Category right here on this gaming website for kids of all ages. This fun bike game is not your usual bicycle trick game, but in it, you get to compete with Tom and Jerry in a several levels of fun tracks. The name of this game is Jerry BMX Rush and it was brought to you by Start Online Games right here in this bike game categories. In this game, you will first need to choose whether you want to play with Tom or Jerry and who you want to win over. The game itself is easy to play, as you only need to use the arrow keys to drive and balance your own biker and by pressing the space bar, you will be able to activate the speed boost which recharges while in the race. This is a fun little game with your favorite Tom and Jerry characters that even adults love and enjoy. Test your biking skill and enjoy this fun game right from your own home. If you liked this game, you should also check out the other Bicycle game from the same category or look through the Tom and Jerry Games Category.


Use the keyboard to play this game.

This game was added on 10.09.2014 | Was played by 1760 times

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