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Game description ANGRY BIRDS RACE

Get ready for some serious action with the latest game from the Angry birds games category, a game which was brought to you by Toon 10 called Angry Birds race. We know how much you like race games and angry birds games as weel and we thought we could combine those two to get a nice game that everyone will enjoy. In this category you can play some more angry birds games for kids and only the best angry birds games online ar posted here. The angry birds created their own race, each one with its own car, trying to be the best. Choose your character and get ready to be the first one who leaves the start line. You will have to be careful because the track is a little difficult, but with attention you will finish it without crashing. You will have to be the first one to get at the finish line in order to unlcok the next level and in order to do that you can use the turbo bonus each time the turbo bar is full. As you win more levels you unlock more characters, but you will have to finish all the levels to win this race.


Use the arrows to drive the car and press Z for turbo action.

This game was added on 05.09.2014 | Was played by 1835 times

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