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One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding cake. Some might even consider it more important than the wedding dress because the wedding cake will be tasted by all the wedding guests and it has to be perfect because it's very likely that it's that one thing that everyone is going to remember the next day. Cooking the wedding cake is a big responsibility because it's very important that the cake turns out great. Ginnie is having her wedding tomorrow and was so excited going dress shopping that she forgot to order a cake. It's up to you to save the day! Do you think you are ready to cook the best looking and best tasting wedding cake? Don't be nervous, because this cooking game will take you through the whole process of cooking the best wedding cake. Start of by mixing in all the right ingredients for the dough an put it in the oven afterwards. While the cake is baking start preparing all your frosting, toppings and creams to decorate it. Once the cake is done start decorating it with the creams and different wedding themed decorations. Do your best to make Ginnie's wedding, a day she will forever remember.


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