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Game description BARBIE AND SCOOBY

Barbie and Scooby is a mystery game that you will love to play. This game is posted in the Barbie games category with the other barbie cooking games, barbie dress up games and barbie makeover dress up games. Scooby, the best mystery solver is now missing and Barbie went to look for him. She has to find out what happened with him and where is he hiding. You will have to go with her and make sure that she searches every inch of the room to find out the letters that will tell her where is Scooby. The game has three levels and each one will be a little bit more difficult than the previous one. You will have to be very good observer and to notice all the objects that could be moved in order to search the hidden letters. Everything that can be moved or opened will be your target because there is where the letters are hidden. Once you find all the letters you will also find out where is Scooby hiding. Come on our website back tomorrow to play even more new games, go on new adventures and have fun with your favorite characters in your free time.


Click on the objects.

This game was added on 03.09.2014 | Was played by 1946 times

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