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Game description COOKING LEMON TART

You know what they say, when life give you lemons make lemon tart! Maybe the old saying is not like that but it's pretty close. It's a hot day in the desert and Tully the camel feels the heat waves pretty bad. He is in the mood for a sweet treat but doesn't know what to cook. You have some lemons left from the lemonade you made this morning so why not cook a delicious lemon tart? If you haven't cooked a tart before don't worry because this game is going to explain the whole process to you step by step. Cook a delicious lemon tart for Tully the camel and make sure he likes it. Mix in all the right ingredients in the blender to make the batter and put it in the fridge until you prepare the lemon cream. Make sure the lemons are still fresh before you use them and mix them up with sugar and other tasty ingredients. Once the tart is cold take it out of the fridge and put some cream on it. Make sure you make it look as good as it tastes and leave it in the fridge so it gets nice and cold before Tully tries it. Have fun!


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