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Game description SHEEP RACE

The Sheep Games Category is another fun on where you an find many kinds of animal games and play with some fluffy and funny sheep's all day long. In this fun game, you get to race with a pure white sheep in a hurdles race. This time, the sheep you control has challenge one of her friends in a hurdle race and she is set to win it fair and square. Your mission in this game is to help your pure white sheep run across the race track and over all the hurdles and be first at the finish line. This fun little animal crossing sheep game is played only with the mouse. When coming face to face with an obstacle, depending on the height of the obstacles you need to press the mouse button once or twice in order for your sheep to do a simple jump or a double jump. While racing you should also try to collect as many fruits as you can from the threes by double jumping in order to give your sheep energy and not tire her out too fast. Try your hand at this fun Sheep Race game and enjoy the many other sheep games available in the same category for free and online.


Use the mouse to jump over hurdles in the race.

This game was added on 08.09.2014 | Was played by 1501 times

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