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Game description GINORMICA MAKE UP

Ginormica needs your help in the latest make up games from so get ready for a lot of fun in the best makeover games. Take your time and browse throug all the game features and pick all your favorite make up colors. First off you can start out by picking all the beauty creams that you need to make her skin smooth and soft and as soon as you clear her face of all the zits you can proceed to the make up. Pick between different types of colors and make sure you make her look great in time for her big fashion event. Play through all the fun levels and try to make Ginormica look amazing beforet he time runs out. It's not going to be easy so do your best to keep up with the job if you want to make a good impression. After you finish up her make up you can style up her hair in a new and fashionable trendy way to match her new make up style. After all of this is done all you need to do is have a look inside her closet and pick the best looking clothes that you can find for her.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 14.10.2014 | Was played by 2452 times

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