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Game description POU GIRL PIZZA

Pou Games are great fun for kids of all ages and today you get to try out one of the newest ones in the form of new cooking games with pou girl so get ready to have some fun in the kitchen with your favorite character. Pou is coming to visit today and Pou Girl wants to prepare a very special meal for him and you get to help out in the process. Pou loves pizza so today you will get to cook a delicious pizza for him. It's not going to be easy but I'm sure you will manage it if you keep up with the pace and follow the recipe closely. You can pick all the right ingredients to make the pizza dough and put it into a pizza shape on the stove. After that you get to decorate it using all of your favorite toppings. You can pick between different types of meat to put on top and don't forget to add some cheese on top. Mushrooms have always been Pou's favorite so add some of those on top also. You can add some vegetables too on top of it all to give it some extra flavor also.


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This game was added on 20.10.2014 | Was played by 26542 times

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