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Game description TATTOO SHOP CLEAN UP

Owning a tattoo shop is not always fun and game because you need to clean it up once in a while and today you get to do that in the newest girl games online for free! If you think you would make a good tattoo artist you can try it out in this new game and see how things go. Just designing the tattoos is not all that an artist does because he also has to clean up after all his customers leave and that is really hard work because the place is usually a mess when it's closing time. Someone has to clean it up and that someone is you so let's get to work! You will need to put all your tattoo utensils in their place and make sure you don't leave any behind or they might get damaged. After you put everything in it's place you can mop the floor and start cleaning the furniture. Use different types of cleaning products and try to do a great job and finish up the cleaning before the time runs out. You need to finish before the shop opens again and the place needs to be spotless if you want customers.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 21.10.2014 | Was played by 8128 times

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