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Game description NURSE ELSA

Nurse Elsa is back in the newest Frozen games online and you get to join her today and help her take care of Jack Frost. Jack got a cold from the.. cold and now he is sick and in bed. Elsa knows a little something about medicine and she wants to treat him before the winter Olympics so she needs your help to do this. Take your time and try out all the medical utensils to treat Jack of his cold. start off by taking his temperature to give him a diagnosis of the cold and then try to find the perfect remedy to make him feel better. Play through all the fun rounds of the game and do your best to treat the cold before the time runs out. You will need to use all the right medicine for each problem he has and make sure he gets enough sleep and rest. You can even cook him a bowl of chicken soup because it will help get him back on his feet again. Do your best not to let him down and enjoy playing as Nurse Elsa in one of the best frozen disney games that you can find.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 23.10.2014 | Was played by 9482 times

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