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Game description POU KARTING

Pou Karting is one of the newest pou games that you can enjoy playing on www.g9y9.com with all of your friends so get ready for a fast race! Pou has decided to enter the kart race today and you get to join him in the tournament. He will need to compete against the evil devil but luckily for him, he is going to have his girlfriend, Pou Girl by his side to give him fuel when he needs it the most. You will need to race the kart down the road and try to avoid all the obstacles that stand in your way of reaching the finish line. The evil devil will trow bombs at you trying to slow you down but guide Pou in the right direction to avoid all of them without getting hurt. Do your best to coordinate Pou as best as you can through all the lanes and all the levels. The game will keep on getting faster and faster as you progress through the levels so try to do your best to keep up and get through all the races without getting hit. You earn bonus points by collecting all the special items so don't miss out on any of them.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 06.11.2014 | Was played by 3656 times

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