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Game description SWEET GUMMY CANDY

Sweet Gummy Candy is one of the best cooking games online from www.g9y9.com so you are surely going to enjoy playing through all the fun levels and learning how to cook this delicious dessert. Play this great game with all of your friends and learn the basics of cooking gummy bears and other gummy candy. Every child loves this gummy delight and I'm sure that you will also enjoy eating them as much as you enjoy cooking them. You must first make sure that you have all the ingredients needed for this delicious treat and start cooking. You need to be extra careful not to add to much sugar or any other ingredient that you do not need. You will need to pay attention to all the instructions that you have on screen and do your best to mix in all the right ingredients between them to make the gummy and shape it in all your favorite cartoon characters and shapes to make the perfect dessert plate for all of your friends. You can even decorate you gummy candy however you want to make it look extra tasty so all your friends will enjoy eating all the candy. Have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 20.11.2014 | Was played by 5742 times

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