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Game description DORA HAND INJURY

Dora needs some medical attention fast because she has a hand injury in the newest dora games online and today you get to help her. She has been on some awesome adventures lately and even though she made a lot of friends and found a lot of lost treasure she now has a hand injury. Her hand really hurts and she needs some medical attention fast. You will get to play as the doctor in this new fun dora game so get ready for a real challenge because it's going to be up to you to treat her hand and make it as good as new again so she can go out on new adventures this weekend. Being a doctor is not easy and you will have to learn and perform different types of medical procedures on her hand until you make it better again. You will get to test out different medical utensils so make sure you pick the best one for each task you will perform. After you treat her hand the medical way you can use different types of tattoos to hide her scratches so she can go outside and play with diego and the rest of her friends.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 26.11.2014 | Was played by 2788 times

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