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Game description BEAUTY LAUNDRY

Beauty Laundry is one of the newest girl games from that you can now enjoy playing online for free so wait no longer and start doing some great laundry! If you enjoy doing the laundry then this beauty laundy game is surely going to be one of your favorite ones. This game is not like the rest because it's more creative and it will give you the chance of making beautiful clothes out of dirty laundry as you play through the rounds. First off you can analyze the clothes and see if they are damaged and as soon as you find out what is wrong with them you can fix them up and make them beautiful again.You can use the sewing machine to fix up all the holes in them and after that they are good to co in the washer. Once they are clean you fix up other little things on them and make sure they look great to put in the shop and sell to the girls. You need to think fast and hurry up because the faster you finish up the more points you are going to get so try your best to get a new high score.


Use the mouse to play this games

This game was added on 08.12.2014 | Was played by 5768 times

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