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Game description SANTA COOKIES

Santa cookies are delicious and these new cooking games will show you everything you need to know about cooking this delicious dessert. With Christmas here, everyone is cooking up all their favorite dishes to serve their guests with but you might be forgetting a special someone...what about Santa? You know that it's a custom to leave milk and cookies for dear Santa, don't you? Today you will be learning an awesome and tasty recipe that you are surely going to enjoy with your whole family during the winter holidays. Make sure you have everything you need inside your kitchen and start mixing in all the ingredients between them to get the cookie batter. Add some eggs, a cup of milk and some butter to mix in all together. Once you make the cookies make sure you add some chocolate chips and other favorite types of toppings to the mix so they end up tasting amazing. You can even season them with some cinnamon for a better Xmas flavor. Follow all the instructions from the cook book carefully and precise and have fun cooking a batch of santa cookies. Mr Claus is going to be delighted to find them under your tree.


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