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Game description CUTE PENGUIN ESCAPE

Escape games are great for kids of all ages because it gives them a shot of being creative in the newest puzzle games for kids. Like in most escape games in this new game you will have to prove your skills and escape the level as fast as possible. This cute penguin is stuck on an island and needs your help to get back home. It's not going to be an easy journey and you will have to solve different tasks and puzzles to get to the solution of the game. Some puzzles are going to be simple to solve just by finding some easy objects and using them in different situations but others are going to be much harder to solve and will require some thinking. Take your time and play through all the rounds as fast as you can to get the penguin home in time for dinner. The faster you escape, the more points you are going to get so do your best to get off the island as fast as possible. The penguin is stuck on the island because the bridge is broken and you will need to find all the pieces to the bridge so he can cross over.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 09.01.2015 | Was played by 1795 times

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