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Game description PONY CARE

Pony care is one of the best pony games that you can enjoy online with all of your friends. Ponies are the cutest animals in the world and everyone enjoys playing with them. They are like horses but smaller and cuter so if you are a pet lover you are going to love owning a pony today. Having a pony is a big responsibility because they require a lot of caring and attention so make sure you are up for it once you get your first pony! Choose between different cute ponies and start playing with them. When your play session is over you can start working on his makeover so take him to the shower and wash him up to get him nice and clean in time for dinner. After you dry the pony you can style up his hair in a new and fashionable way that he is surely going to like and make sure he looks great. After that you can use different types of beauty products on the pony to give him some spark and take him to bed. Make sure you dress him up in a cute outfit and that you sing him a lullaby so he can go to sleep.


Use the mouse to play this games

This game was added on 18.02.2015 | Was played by 2414 times

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