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Game description HOW TO MAKE BAKLAVA

It's cooking time! Are you ready to learn how to make baklava? Baklava is a sweet pastry that was specific in the Ottoman Empire but now that the recipe is available to everybody it's time for you to amaze your friends with this sweet dessert. There is nothing better than cooking baklava games to show you how to cook this delicious treat. Girlcooking games are very fun to play and the good thing about them is that you end up learning a new recipe with each game that you play. Start off by checking the kitchen to see if you have all the right ingredients before you start cooking. After you have all the right ingredients you can start your cooking! Begin by mixing in all the right ingredients together to make the batter and then start working on the filling. Use nuts, sugar and everything you need to make a great creamy filling and see it up in layer. Follow all the instructions carefully step by step and your delicious baklava will be ready sooner than you think. Cook it yo your friends and family and they will surely be amazed by your cooking skills. It will taste great! Have fun!


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