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Game description CATCH THE APPLES

Catch the apples is one of the newest girl games that you can enjoy on our great fun site today for free so wait no longer and begin your adventure! Today you will be joining little Sally in the forest and you will have to help her catch as many apples as you can. She plans on making a delicious apple pie today and it's up to you to help her out as she gets ready for the cooking session. She is going to need a lot of fresh apples from the apple tree down the road and you need to make sure that she fills up her basket with the fruits. To do this you will have to think fast and move fast because the game will keep on getting faster as you progress through the rounds. Make sure you get as many apples you can because if you miss a lot of them it's going to be game over for you and you will need to restart the level from the beginning. Use your mouse to guide Sally on all the right squares so you can collect al the apples that fall down from the trees. Good luck!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 30.01.2015 | Was played by 3747 times

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