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Game description BAR GIRL

Bar Girl is one of the best girl games that you can now play online for free on our site so get ready to enjoy an evening at the bar along side this beautiful girl as you serve all the customers all the right drinks. She has been working for some time now but she still needs some help in mixing all the drinks the right way so let's help her out, what do you say? You will need to pay close attention to all the details and follow the instructions carefully as you play through all the levels. You can pick between different types of difficulty levels so pick the one most suitable to you when you start playing. If it's your first time at the bar you should really start by reading the how to play part of the game because it will explain everything you need to know about cocktails and about mixing drinks so if you want to do a great job at the bar read through all the game rules. Play through all the fun levels with the bar girl and try getting as many points as you can in each level you will play.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 17.02.2015 | Was played by 2591 times

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