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Game description SPICY ITALIAN PIZZA

Do you like spicy food? These fun cooking games are going to show you some fun new recipes if you are a fan so get ready for some serious cooking! Italian cuisine is one of the most exquisite in the world and everyone loves their pasta, but their most famous dish consists of pizza and today you will learn how to cook a great and spicy pizza to show off to your friends later on. They key to a delicious spicy pizza lays in the peppers that you use because these really spice things up so make sure you use some great tasting ones if you want a delicious dish. Take all the ingredients out of the basket and sort them out according to your cooking process so you may begin your work. As soon as you have all of your ingredients ready you can start cooking! Mix in the flour, yeast and a dash of salt for the pizza dough and model it in a flat shape so you can add all the ingredients on top. You can pick between different types of toppings so pick your favorite ones from the basket to add on top of your pizza.


Use the mouse to play this game

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