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Game description ANGELA BONE REPAIR

If you are a talking tom games fan you already probably know Talking Angela, don't you? She is Tom's girlfriend and today she needs some help so do your best to help her out. She fell off her bike while she was riding in the woods and she has a bone fracture now and she needs a doctor. Call her in your doctor's office and have a look at her to see how you might help her. Begin by giving her an x-ray and a consultation to determine exactly what bones are fractured and as soon as you do that you can start her treatment. You need to go by the book on this one because a bone fracture is no joke so do your best to make her feel better again. You get to use different types of medical equipment and utensils to make her bones as good as new so make sure you use the right one for each procedure you perform on her. Enjoy playing doctor in the newest talking tom games online and try to fix up Angela so she can get back to riding her bike with Ginger, Tom and the rest of the gang.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 26.03.2015 | Was played by 5351 times

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