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Game description THE PERFECT GUY

Today all you girls will get to create the perfect guy in the newest dress up games so let's begin! You will have all the features you need to create the perfect looking guy for you. Enjoy playing through all the levels and do your best to choose all the right features for your guy. Start with his facial features and pick the right shape, color and the right hairstyle. You can even pick some facial hair if that's something you like just make sure it looks stylish enough. After he has the perfect face you are looking for you may proceed to the color scheme and pick the right brightness and saturation. Once you are done will come the fun part! The dress up part of the game is the best because you get to browse between different types of stylish new clothes for him. You can go with something fun and casual or you can go all the way and pick a suit or something else stylish for perfect occasions. Enjoy playing the best and latest dress up games for girl today with all of your friends and try to combine all the best options to create the perfect guy.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 02.04.2015 | Was played by 3477 times

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