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Cooking chocolate castle cake is a lot of fun as you will soon find out in these new cooking games so get ready for a lot of fun and games while playing through the kitchen with all the ingredients. Today is a special occasion and special occasions need special treats and nothing is better than a nice chocolate castle cake for a celebration. You will get to cook your own chocolate cake so do your best to mix in all the ingredients the right way and cook up one of the best desserts that you can. You will have to follow the recipe closely if you want your cake to taste amazing. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and do your best to make the cake look just as good as it tastes. Play the game with all of your friends and work together in the kitchen to cook up the best chocolate cake that you can. After you mix in all the ingredients for the cake dough all you need to do is put it in the oven and wait for it to bake until it's done. Once your cake is done and ready to serve you can decorate it.


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