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Game description DORA BATHING GAME

Dora is back in the newest Dora games online and today you get to join her on a fun day! You will be responsible with babysitting the cute little baby today so do your best to do a great job if you want to further on advance to the next part of the game which is a dressing up level that I'm sure that you are all going to love playing. Begin by preparing her dinner and make sure she eats everything off her plate so she can have some fun. Take her outside for a play day and once she is exhausted take her back to the house and get the bath tub full so she can take a bath. Make sure you have all of her favorite toys in the bath with her if you want her to behave and as soon as she is in the water start cleaning her up using different types of baby soaps and shampoos to make her extra fluffy and also smell great. Once she is nice and clean you can take her to her room and start a dress up session. Try out different types of cute outfits on her and make her look extra cute!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 28.04.2015 | Was played by 7403 times

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