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Game description MESSY MINION

Minions games are really great for all fans of the Despicable me movie so if you too enjoyed watching the animated motion picture as much as we did, you are surely going to enjoy playing this game also for sure. Gru's favorite assistant Minion is really messy and he has an important dinner party that he has to get to later on today so he needs your help to get all cleaned up before that starts. He is going to need a shower and a new outfit also and you will need to make sure that he looks great when you are done. Take your time and take him to the shower where you will get to clean him up really good using different types of soaps and shampoos. Make sure that you get all the dirt off his uniform and that he looks and smells clean when you are done. After you clean him up you can treat him to a makeover session and give him a new and trendy hairstyle also. Once he looks nice and clean you can take him to his room and find a new and clean outfit for him to wear at the dinner party.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 04.05.2015 | Was played by 5701 times

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