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Game description FRESH HEARTED PIZZA

Play the best cooking games online and learn how to cook fresh hearted pizza with all of your friends. Everybody loves pizza because it's really tasty and it's not that hard to make as you will soon find out. All you need to do is make sure you have all the right ingredients in your kitchen so that you can start cooking. You have to begin with the pizza dough so mix in some flour and some water to make it. Give it a nice pizza shape using your cooking utensils and make sure you spread it on the tray. After you give it some time you will get to add up all of your favorite toppings on your pizza. You can pick between different types of meat like ham or sausages and other toppings like mushrooms or tomatoes. Add up your favorite type of cheese over it so it will melt nicely once you stick it in the oven. Before you put it inside the oven hive it a nice heart shape to make it appropriate for a date dinner. Set up the table in a romantic way until your pizza is well done and cooked. Enjoy and have fun!


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This game was added on 11.05.2015 | Was played by 8492 times

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