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Game description BAYMAX DESIGN

If you loved the latest Super Hero 8 movie from Disney you are going to love playing the latest online disney games with all your favorites. Baymax is the lovable character from the movie and I'm sure you all love his funny way of being. He is an inteligent robot and today you get to design him according to your taste so you are surely going to enjoy playing through this fun game online with him. First off you will need to clean up the old Baymax so use a whose to rinse him up with water and get some soap on him to get him all cleaned up. After he is nice and clean you can start working on the design so have a look through all the model pieces available in the game and pick the best ones. There are a lot of different models to pick from so browse through all of them and try them on Baymax one by one until you find the most appropriate ones that you can use on him. Play the best baymax game online with all of your friends today and enjoy your time n the Disney universe with your favorite super heroes.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 13.05.2015 | Was played by 6874 times

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