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Game description BABY RONS SCHOOL DAYS

Baby Rons is not a small baby anymore and today you can join him in the latest baby games and get him ready for his first day of school. Are you ready for the challenge? She wants to look amazing in time for school so he can make some friends and you need to make sure this happens. Start by getting him into the shower and clean him up really good with some special soap to make him look and smell fresh. After that brush his teeth and do something about his hair. Style up his hair in a fun and trendy new way to go with his new look. Once you are done you can take him to his room and find some appropriate clothes to wear. He has a lot of clothes in his room so try them all on Ron until you find the best looking one. Enjoy your time in the best baby games for kids and help Ron get ready for school. Play the game with all of your friends and try to get a new high score as you dress up Baby Ron and help him prepare for a fun day filled with adventures.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 14.05.2015 | Was played by 3058 times

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