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Game description BABY ANGELA DAY CARE

If you like playing the popular Talking Tom Games series you are going to love playing Baby Angela Day care because you will get to join Tom's girlfriend Angela in a fun new game. She is now a mother and she has her own day care center where she takes care of her daughter. She is going to need some help today because her baby is not feeling very good so you can help them out. Start out by taking the baby's temperature and give her some kisses to make her feel better. After that you can give her some appropriate medicine. After that you can prepare a bath for her so use warm water but make sure it's not hot. Make sure you add some extra bubbles and don't forget all her toys because she might cry if she does not have her rubber ducky. Use some special shampoo to maker her look extra fluffy and get her to dinner. Make sure you cook up her favorite dish for dinner and make sure she eats everything off her plate before it's time for bed. Dress her up in some cute pajamas and take her to bet so she can rest.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 15.05.2015 | Was played by 9436 times

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