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Game description MAKE GLASS SLIPPER

Disney games are always fun when they feature Cinderella references and this game is no different because you will get to recreate on of the iconic items from the disney movie and this item is the glass slipper that Cinderella leaves behind at the royal castle after she meets the prince at the party. If your drawing skills are ok you are surely going to have a great time playing through this fun game today with all of your friends. All you need to do is connect all the dots using your pencil. Make sure you use a steady hand if you want to get the best results so do your best not to draw over or behind the dots to make the slipper. Kids of all ages are going to enjoy playing through all these fun games with Cinderella and the rest of the Disney princesses so you too can now enjoy going through all the levels together with your kids, brothers or friends. Have fun in the Disney universe and try to draw the glass slipper as fast as you can if you wish to get a new high score after you finish the level. Enjoy and have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 20.05.2015 | Was played by 5964 times

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