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Game description MARIO MESSY

Do you remember the good old mario games? I hope you do because this going to take on a trip down memory lane and you are surely going to enjoy meeting up with everyone's favorite plumber once again. Mario has been out on his latest adventure through Mushroom Kingdom. It's been a big adventure for him and he defeated Bowser once again to save Princess Peach but now he's really messy and needs some help cleaning up so he can get ready for the big Mushroom Party later on. You will be responsible with cleaning him up as best as you can before the party starts. You need to start off by giving Mario a shower and cleaning up all the dirt of him. Make sure he washes behind his ears also and further on advance to the next level afterwards. After he looks clean enough you should dry him off and find a nice and clean outfit for him to wear. Make sure that you pick something nice and stylish because he wants to impress Princess Peach and Princess Daisy with his look. Have fun in the best and latest online mario games today for free and get a new high score.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 02.07.2015 | Was played by 6797 times

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