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Eating pizza is great! We all love it and would eat it all the time. But to eat pizza you need to go to the pizzeria or to order it home or buy it frozen from the supermarket. But how about learning how to make your own pizza in a super cool pizza competition? Play now our new free fun cooking online game Pizza Content and learn how to bake and design your own pizza and then brag with the cool result that you can achieve if you follow correct the steps. Be careful at what you put on the pizza cause your customer is very picky and if you forget to add something he won' t take the pizza and you will not get points to pass the level. So in order to avoid such situations you need to be attentive at your customers needs and put on top of the pizza everything he wishes for. Be quick and make as many pizza as you can and you will definitely win this match and learn from this experience a lot of new pizza recipes. Have fun while backing and garnishing new pizza recipes and making the customers happy. Thank you for playing our game!


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 09.01.2014 | Was played by 4068 times

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