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Game description SCRAP YARD ESCAPE

Are you ready to try out your luck in the newest scrap yard escape games for free? I hope you are because you have never tried a game as fun as this for sure so get ready for some skill filled games. You have been locked inside a scrap yard and it's going to be up to you to escape this place before the time runs out so do your best to solve all the puzzles and gather all the keys so that you can get out before the time runs out. Enjoy playing through all these new and fun online games together with all of your friends and do your best to prove your skills when it comes to master escape plans. Some puzzles are going to be really easy to get by but others will require some power of thought so do your best to keep up with the action and get out as fast as possible. Gather all the info you need and get to the puzzle solving part to win all the keys required to escape the place. All you need to do is solve the puzzles and get the key and try to do it all as fast as possible for a new high score.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 03.08.2015 | Was played by 6835 times

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